Coca-Cola is deeply monitoring the Cannabis Market

Coca-Cola is deeply monitoring the Cannabis Market

Coca-Cola has indicated that they are monitoring the growing industry and the company is interested in manufacturing CBD mixed drinks. The CBD treats pain and it is the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

BNN Bloomberg Television reported that the Atlanta-based soft drinks manufacturer is in discussion with Aurora Cannabis, Canadian marijuana producer in order to develop new beverages.

The Aurora Cannabis Inc. is increasing its stocks after the announcement from Coca-Cola. This activity happened because the soft drinks titan said; the company is keeping an eye on the cannabis drinks market. Coca-Cola has now become the first beverage company to take advantage of growing demand for marijuana products.

Coca-Cola and cannabis market

Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers said in a statement forwarded to Bloomberg News that the company is deeply monitoring the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as a healthy ingredient in the most popular beverages around the globe. Space is expanding very quickly, but the company hasn’t yet made any decision.

Landers didn’t make any comment about Aurora in his statement. The shares of Aurora have increased on the news and jumped 23% on Monday in New York to $8. Other stocks related to the cannabis industry also experienced a boost.

Other beverage manufacturers are looking to add cannabis as the trendy ingredient. But, Coca-Cola has made the first attempt into the sector of marijuana.

The Corona beer brewer Constellation Brands Inc. announced last month that the company has planned to spend $3.8 billion to enhance its investment in the Canadian marijuana manufacturer, Canopy Growth Corp.

A spokesman for Aurora, Heather MacGregor said in a statement forwarded to BNN Bloomberg reporter, David George-Cosh that the cannabis manufacturer has shown a targeted interest in the mixed-beverage sector.

He added that marijuana is still illegal in the United States. But there is an increasing demand for the use of CBD extracted from marijuana. The CBD found efficient to treat illnesses from chronic pain and various other medical issues. It has been considered the only medical treatment extracted from a plant of marijuana.


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